Navaratr Shayari

Navaratri is one of the most prominent festivals of India Navratri is observed during four different periods of the year, namely the 'Vasanta Navratri', 'Ashad Navratri', 'Sharad Navratri' as well as 'Pausha Navratri'. While the 'Vasanta Navratri' is celebrated during the months of March-April, with the offset of the spring season, the 'Ashadha Navratri' is celebrated during the month of June-July. This period of June-July is known as 'Ashadha' according to Hindu calendar and is of great cultural significance.

Navaratri Best Wishes

N = Nav Chetna
A = Akhand Jyoti
V = Vighna Nashak
R = Ratjageshwari
A = Anand Dayi
T = Trikal Darshi
R = Rakhan Karti
A = Anand Mayi
MaaDurga bless you always.
Wish you and your family a very Happy Navratri...

First Day-Pratipada

On the 1st day of the festival, the goddess is venerated as Shailputri. Shailaputri literally means the daughter (putri) of the mountains (shaila). A form of Shakti and the consort of Lord Shiva, Shailaputri embodies the power of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The goddess is variously known as Sati Bhavani, Parvati or Hemavati. It is customary to wear red coloured clothes on this day.

Second Day-Dwitiya

The goddess manifests as Brahmacharini on the 2 nd day. The name of the goddess means one who practices devout austerity. A form of Uma or Parvati, the goddess grants happiness, prosperity and moksha (emancipation). On the 2nd & 3rd day of the festival, it is customary to wear blue coloured clothes.

Third Day-Tritiya

Worshipped as Chandraghanta, the goddess represents beauty and bravery. She is calledChandraghanta because of the chandra or half moon on her forehead in the shape of a ghanta or bell. She stands for valour and strength to fight the demons.

Fourth Day- Chaturthi

On the 4th day, the goddess is venerated as Kushmanda. According to mythology,goddessKushmanda created the universe through her laughter. The goddess is often depicted as having eight or 10 hands. Devouts often wear yellow coloured clothes on this day.

Fifth Day-Panchami

The goddess is venerated as Skand Mata on the 5th day. Skanda or Lord Kartikeya led the army of the gods against the demons. The goddess is depicted holding an infant Skanda in her arm. Hindus generally wear green coloured clothes on this day.

Sixth Day-Shashti

Worship of the goddess bestows wealth, knowledge and prosperity On the 6th day, the goddess Durga is worshipped as Katyayani. According to popular belief associated with the goddess, the venerated sage Kata performed severe austerities to beget the goddess as his daughter. Impressed with his penance, the goddess granted the sage his boon. The daughter born to Kata came to be known as Katyayani. It is customary to wear grey coloured clothes on this day.

Seventh Day-Saptami

The goddess is worshipped as Kalratri on the 7th day. As black as a dark night, the goddess has a dark complexion, disheveled hairaggressive posture. The goddess assures protection from fear and troubles. Unlike other forms of Durga which are depicted riding a lion, goddess Kalratri rides a donkey. The goddess is also known as Shubhamkari or the one who performs good. It is customary for the faithful to wear orange coloured clothes on saptami.

Eighth Day-Ashtami

Durga is venerated as Maha Gauri on this day. Extremely beautiful, fair as snow, worship of the goddess washes away all sins of past, present and future. According to a popular belief, the goddess developed a dark complexion due to long and severe austerities. The goddess regained her beauty after Lord Shiva cleaned her with the water of the Ganges. The resplendent goddess came to be known as Maha Gauri, which means extremely white. The goddess is depicted adorning white clothes and rides a bull. White is the colour of the day.

Ninth Day-Navami

Siddhidatri is the 9 th form of the goddess. It is believed she embodies all the 8 siddhis. According to Hindu mythology,Shiva worshipped the goddess and was blessed with all the siddhis. Lord Shiva acquired the form of Ardhanarishvara because of the blessings of the goddess. It is customary to wear pink colour clothes on this day. This Navratri, do not forget to pray and seek the blessings of the goddess in the midst of all the celebrations. The goddess destroys evil not only in the society but also the vices which man acquires in his life.

Nine different forms of the goddess is venerated during the nine-days of the festival

Jagat Palan Har........

Jagat palan har hai ma,
mukti ka dham hai ma.
hamari bakti ki adhar hai ma,
ham sab ki raksha ki avatar hai ma.
Happy Navratri

Ganesh ji ka rup nirala hai,
Chehara bhi bhola bhala hai,
Jise bhi aati hain koi musibat,
Use inhi ne to sambhala hai.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Maa Durga aapko
Bal, buddhi, sukh, aishwarya aur sampannta pradaan kare;
Jai mata di...
Navratri ki hardik shubhkamnaye.
Maa Durge,
Maa Ambe,
Maa Jagdambe,
Maa Bhawani,
Maa Sheetla,
Maa Vaishnao,
Maa Chandi,
Mata Rani meri aur apki manokamna puri kare.
Aakha Vishw Ni Raksha Kare Chhe Maa,
Mann Ni Santi Aape Chhe Maa,
Amari Bhakti Ne Sambhle Chhe Maa,
Amara Badha Ni Raksha Kare Chhe Maa..
Happy Navaraatri
Lakshmi ka Hath ho,Saraswati ka Sath ho,Ganesh ka niwas ho,
aur maa durga ke
ashirwad se Aapke jeevan mai prakash hi prakash ho….